Saturday, December 30, 2006


This was a Nike store in Sivas. Having lived in Central Asia for so many years I was amazed to see genuine Nike products at genuine Nike prices. This is not a great picture but the swoosh is visible at the bottom right. Having grown up with a dad selling athletic shoes and apparell, this was really interesting to me.

This is a closer view of the madrasa in Erzurum. Sorry it is a bit out of order; scroll down a bit and it should explain more. The stonework is fascinating. We knew we were out of Istanbul when a bunch of kids started staring at us here. They were very giddy to say the few English words they knew to real live Americans.

This is the view from the clock tower in the fortress in Erzurum. The mountains are visible in the background. There is a ski resort up there which we visited. The haze is from the coal burning heat stoves that keep the apartments warm. It causes a ton of pollution throughout Turkey, although natural gas is slowly becoming more available.

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