Monday, February 27, 2006

I have heard about blogs for a few years now but have not taken the plunge until recently and then it was sort of a false start done more out of novelty then conviction. However, recently I have found a reason for doing a blog that inspires me and will hopefully force in me a healthy discipline; that is the discipline of looking back over my week, recognizing what God has done, and then recording what I most want to remember/take note of from His working in my life and/or just what was most significant in the week. Thus my goal in doing this is to keep a record of significant experiences/thoughts in my walk with Jesus. My hope is to take time each Sunday to add to this journal. I also hope to include significant quotes, stories, and pictures, and, whenever possible, to write some bios of significant people in my life.
I invite you, my friends, to check in each week and respond as you feel lead.
May the peace and joy of Jesus abound in you,
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