Saturday, September 01, 2007


The other evening a big storm passed by west of us, and although we did not get any rain we saw some spectacular lightning. I tried to get some pictures but failed. However, this shot of the skyline, including the Atakule, a well-known landmark in Ankara, turned out pretty good.
The place of rules/boundaries in my devotional life
As I sit once again and think of the most significant way in which I have seen Jesus recently, I find that it is in the lack of pursuing that I see Him most. He is everywhere and always wooing me and so kindly and gently showing Himself to me and even when necessary being blunt, but I have grown complacent and fallen out of certain habits that are so important to our relationship. I still read the Bible everyday and am not lacking in the conversational idea of prayer, which is mostly self-centered. But the devotional life, the sitting quietly and alone and spending time with the lover of my soul, that is what I have let slide. I can make the excuse of having six kids and being busy, but that does not fly. I make time for plenty of other things. I have come to the conclusion that I need to set up some boundaries or rules to force the issue. Normally I don't like to do this as I want it to flow from my heart and not from rules, but I compare this more to the need for a babysitter to date nights or for the need to schedule something like dates or working out so that other things don't fill the time. I have already forced myself to only look at the internet news and sports updates once per week. Now I realize that I have to say that I can't do e-mail and even turn on the computer until I have had time with the Lord. I already do this in regards to taking care of the kids in the morning and now realize I have to add this as well. Normally what I do is tell myself I am just going to check e-mail for a few minutes and end up spending a few hours having found so many things to occupy my morning. Something within me has been crying out at this for quite a while now, but I have ignored it and tried to slip by on the minimum. I now realize that "slipping by" is no way to live life. Lord Jesus, give me the discipline to persevere through the times that are not so "fun and uplifting".

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