Sunday, October 16, 2005

Seeing Makan again in Aktau was a wonderful blessing. He came down to Aktau from Atirau and looked all over for us. We were looking for him as well. We did not have his phone number or address and he did not have ours. We had given him an address but it changed and we were not able to tell him. He spent 4 hours at that address one day waiting for us, getting suspicious looks from neighbors. We could not check e-mail either. Finally when Duke checked e-mail it was Makan's last day; he was leaving that evening. Duke called him at nine in the morning and woke him up. He had given up hope the night before and gone out and gotten sloshed. He was having a major hangover when the phone rang and barely woke up to it. We got to spend the whole day together- a true gift from God and lesson about not losing hope! Posted by Picasa

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