Saturday, November 11, 2006

We had great time at Halloween. Emily designed the jack-0-lantern and Hudson helped me carve it. The kids had fun dressing up and for the first time in their lives they went trick-or-treating in America. The got a ton of candy. The evening was topped off with Ammie and Bapa coming over and eating dinner with us along with a couple of our neighbors.
Once there lived a young girl who had a very wealthy father. They lived in a big house with a wonderful backyard. the little girl loved flowers and her father had helped her plant a beautiful flower garden with all kinds of beautiful flowers. She loved to walk through the garden amidst the beautiful fragrances and deep colors.

Then one day at school she overheard some classmates talking about flowers. They were talking about a flower that this little girl did not have, a dandelion. Immediately strange thoughts came into the girl's mind. Why didn't her garden have a dandelion? Why hadn't her father mentioned it to her? What was he keeping from her?

She went and asked her father about it. He said that he had put all the best flowers in the garden. He told her that dandelions were a weed. This eased her mind for a little while, but the next day at school she heard some other kids talking about dandelions. She became convinced that her father was holding out on her. She wanted a dandelion. She asked the other girls how to get one. They told her and she planted one in her backyard. Before long dandelions were all over the yard. She only wanted one, but now there were many. She could not get rid of them. She tried to pick them, and thought she had, but only later learned that if the roots remain, the weed is still there.

She had tried to hide them, then to get rid of them, but nothing worked. She was embarrassed and ashamed. Finally she went to her father and confessed what she had done. She told him that she was sorry and asked for his forgiveness.

He hugged his little girl and told her that he would fix it, but it would be costly. She did not know what that meant but was glad that her daddy had forgiven her and was going to make everything alright.

Her father put on his work clothes, got his tools, and went to work. Later that evening he came back inside. His hands were bloodied and his back ached, the yard would need some time to heal as well, but the dandelions were gone. The little girl ran to her daddy with tears in her eyes and hugged him. She realized in a new way what she had done. Her daddy never mentioned it again, and she knew he had forgiven her.

From that point on she had a new love for her flower garden, but above all she realized that her daddy was most precious to her, and she loved him most of all. The flower garden was truly wonderful when she walked in it with her daddy, which she often did.
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