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April 3-9, 2006

Pictures: Laurie's birthday

Books: I have started a couple of new books-
Abuse-Proofing Your Child- Grace Ketterman- I am finding much of it to be oversimplified but she does have some good points, and I am glad I have read it as it has reminded me of some things in which I need to stay vigilant in teaching the kids. I am guessing there are much better books on the subject, though.

Modern Uzbeks- ?- Just started it, but am really enjoying it, even though it is a bit intellectual (every now and then he uses words I've never heard of and it seems to be more out of getting to use the big word than out of necessity, but that is a personal judgment, and, not knowing the author, one I am not really allowed to make). I can't say much about it yet as I have not read enough.

Redeeming a scary time:
As usual Jesus was ever-present this week, but I wanted to give a testimony of one particular event in which He showed Himself to Hudson and I. In this event the battle we are in, the need to run to Jesus, and His readiness to come to our help are all present.

Friday night around 3am Hudson came into our room and woke me up to say that he was very scared. This was not the first time one of our kids has done this, and I responded as I normally do, namely taking them back to bed, tucking them in, and praying for them (usually in a half-sleep). I returned to bed and went to sleep.

A while later Laurie got up to go to the bathroom and upon returning heard a muffled howling sound coming from the boys' room. She went in to see what it was and found Hudson under his covers calling for us. He was weeping uncontrollably and sweating profusely. Once she removed the covers it woke me up, and I went in to check on him.

We set up a mattress on the floor and brought him into our room. I lay down next to him and prayed for him. I wanted to comfort him (he really could not explain why he was so scared- apparently did not have a bad dream) and also did not want this to be a lasting memory that would get a hold on him. I was praying for Jesus to speak to Hudson and to show him how He (Jesus) was near him. I was praying that I did not want it to be a memory of Hudson being alone but instead a memory of him being ? I could not think of what kind of memory it could be? How could Jesus redeem this? And then Jesus spoke that the major point of the experience was not that Hudson was alone but that he was rescued. Next He said to me (if you are not used to Jesus speaking to you in your inner being then this may sound weird- I can't explain it here, but would be happy to if you want to write and ask me personally- my guess is that most disciples of Jesus know what I am talking about) that He woke up Laurie. I excitedly told this to Hudson (I'm still lying next to him at this point), and he recognized it and seemed to relax a bit.

I was very encouraged and prayed that they point would stick in his mind. That he would awake knowing that Jesus was with him when we could not hear him and that Jesus rescued him by waking his mommy; and that this would carry over in a broader way seeing that Jesus is always with him and will watch over him so that he does not need to fear.

He slept in Saturday morning as long as he ever has. The experience clearly wiped him out. But when he woke up the first thing he did was tell Keaton about how Jesus rescued him the night before. Needless to say I was encouraged and thankful to my precious Savior. May the truth stick in me of how much Jesus loves my kids and will watch over them. My calling is to Jesus and listening to Him, being full of the Holy Spirit; not to worrying about my kids.

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